NEW Project for Coordinated Entry System

The Eastern PA CoC is soliciting Notices of Intent for a new Coordinated Entry System to be funded through Reallocation in the FY2015 CoC Application.  At this time, it has not been determined whether funds will be made available through reallocation, however, the CoC needs to identify interested agencies so that an application can be submitted in a timely manner in the event that funds become available.

If your agency is interested in submitting a new project application for the implementation of a Coordination Entry System for the Eastern PA CoC, please complete the Notice of Intent and e-mail it to by Noon October 26, 2015.

Notice of Intent

The allowable funding Line Items for this grant are Supportive Services and Admin (up to 10%).  The costs may be allocated, as appropriate, to the following allowable eligible costs:

  1. Assessment of Service Needs
  2. Assistance with Moving Costs
  3. Case Management
  4. Child Care
  5. Education Services
  6. Employment Assistance
  7. Food
  8. Housing/Counseling Services
  9. Legal Services
  10. Life Skills
  11. Mental Health Services
  12. Outpatient Health Services
  13. Outreach Services
  14. Substance Abuse Treatment Services
  15. Transportation
  16. Utility Deposits
  17. Operating Cost* Applicants may only include Operating Costs (maintenance, repair, building security, furniture, utilities, and equipment) in the Supportive Services budget if the costs are for the facility used to operate the coordinated entry (e.g., access points and assessment locations).

Additional Information:

The Eastern PA CoC’s Coordinated Entry Task Force has been meeting since April 2015 to develop a Strategic Plan for Coordinated Entry.  This plan will be presented at the October 19, 2015 CoC meeting.  It is expected that the implementation of the System will begin as a pilot in two locations within the CoC (to be determined).

The organization selected to apply to HUD for these funds will be part of a larger initiative to implement the pilots and eventually a CoC-wide Coordinated Entry System.  To effectively carry out this role, the Applicant must have an existing presence and relationships throughout the CoC’s geographic area; statewide presence is preferred.  Responsibilities will be divided among the HUD Applicant, partners/subcontractors, Task Force, and Technical Assistance providers, as indicated below.

Roles/ Responsibilities, Coordinated Entry System (CES) Pilot

HUD Applicant (to become CES Project Manager)

  • Submit application to HUD
  • Enter into agreement with HUD
  • Draw down funds through LOCCS
  • Administer Coordinated Entry System (CES) – (monitor, manage partners/subcontractor(s) who will be conducting the project)
  • Issue progress report to HUD at the conclusion of the one year grant
  • Assist with identifying, securing and distributing match/leveraging

Partners/ Subcontractors

  • Operate the CES call center
    • Respond to phone calls
    • Conduct assessment using VI-SPDAT
    • Make referrals
    • Enter data in PA-HMIS
  • Operate the physical CES entry points
  • Assist with identification of funding

Continuum CES Task Force

  • CES pilot project oversight
  • Monitor project performance, in collaboration with Governing Board and HUD Applicant
  • Identification of sources of CoC match funding

Technical Assistance Providers

  • Operations planning, strategy consulting
  • Facilitating CES Task Force
  • Support in identification of funding
  • Grant coordination and HUD compliance
  • SPDAT Training (OrgCode)
  • HMIS support (DCED)

New Project Solicitations for Western PA CoC

The following three(3) solicitation for new projects to be submitted as part of the Western Pa CoC Application to HUD:

  • New Bonus Project:  this is for agencies interested in submitting a new project application that will serve an entire Region.  It can be for Permanent Supportive Housing for Chronically Homeless or Rapid Rehousing as described in the solicitation.

2015 CoC New Bonus Project Solicitation – West – FINAL-2

  • Reallocation Project: this is for agencies that have chosen to terminate their current SSO or Transitional Housing grant or that have been asked to do so by the CoC.  The new application can be for Permanent Supportive housing for Chronically Homeless or Rapid Rehousing as described in the solicitation.

2015 CoC Reallocation Project Solicitation – West – FINAL-2

  • Coordinated Entry Project: this is for an agency interested in applying to implement a Coordinated Entry system for the entire Western PA CoC.  The agency must be located in the NW Region because the funding for this activity is being made available by the NW RHAB.

2015 CoC Coordinated Entry Solicitation -West – FINAL

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, complete the appropriate Preliminary Application/Notice of Intent and e-mail it to no later than Noon October 21.

Western PA CoC Co Chairs


2015 CoC New Project Solicitation – Eastern PA FINAL

The link above is the documentation for a solicitation for new projects to be submitted in the FY2015 CoC application  for the Eastern PA CoC .

If you submitted a Notice of Intent in an earlier solicitation and are still interested, please complete the attached Preliminary Application as some of the requirements have changed based on the NOFA and the needs of the CoC.

Your Preliminary Application is due by Noon October 16.

Diana T. Myers and Associates, Inc.


Training-Connecting Early Intervention (EI) to Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers who are Experiencing Homelessness



homelessness registration final

The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) will be hosting a training on Connecting Early Intervention (EI) to Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers who are Experiencing Homelessness. Additionally, advocates have asked for resources for administrators, staff, and families, accessing programs through OCDEL, overview/discussion on child developmental milestones, basics of early intervention, the impact of homelessness on child development, and an overview of the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ).  These trainings are offered to staff working in shelters and transitional living, school district liaisons, property managers, EI staff, and early childhood staff. Please feel free to forward this information to additional people that would be interested in these trainings.

The attached flyer has additional information about registration and meeting dates and locations. There is no cost for the trainings.

If the schedule for upcoming trainings need to be changed we will send out a notice with the new information.