Eastern PA CoC FY2019 NOFA

Renewal Project Application – Instructions and Important Information

As part of the Eastern PA CoC’s Consolidated Application for the 2019 CoC Competition, DMA will undertake a review of all renewal project applications prior to the submission of these applications into the e-snaps system by grantees. Instructions for submitting this information are provided below.

  • By August 6, 2019 at 5pm:  All agencies with renewal project applications are being asked to provide a PDF of your completed Renewal Project Application(s) exported from e-snaps.
  • The PDF of your Renewal Project Application should be submitted to Dropbox.  You can find the Dropbox link here: Dropbox Links for CoC Grantees – East 2019
  • Please DO NOT SUBMIT your Renewal Project Application(s) in e-snaps. If you accidentally submit the application, please contact us at easterncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org and we will release the application back to you.
    • When you set up your FY2019 renewal project in e-snaps, you must insert the “six digit PIN” from your project’s grant number at the beginning of the project name. Your “six digit PIN” is the first six digits of your grant number.
    • For example for grant number PA0123L3T091811:
      • Applicant Name: DMA Homeless Services
      • Project Name: PA0123 – Elkins Park Rapid Re-Housing Project
  • The PDF file name should be: 2019 Renewal App – Agency Name – Project Name
  • To clarify something that was stated in the webinar, grantees will not be permitted to implement service participation requirements as the current CoC policies will remain in effect for this NOFA round. This may be revisited in future NOFA rounds.
  • Prior to submitting your application, check the Submission Summary to make sure ALL sections have been completed
  • By August 20:  You will receive a project review form with required corrections.
  • By August 26 (or within 5 working days of receipt of your review):  You must submit your corrected application on e-snaps.

General FY2019 CoC NOFA Competition Information

FY2019 NOFA Related Webinars

Diana T. Myers and Associated presented the first FY2019 NOFA webinar on July 23, 2019 for the Balance of State CoCs. The webinar covered various issues related to this year’s CoC NOFA, including:

  • A general overview of the NOFA and HUD priorities
  • Timelines for NOFA activities
  • Available funding, tiering and ranking
  • New projects options and process
  • Renewal project application options and process
  • E-snaps tips
  • Appeals process
  • Q&A

To watch the recording for this webinar, click here. You can find a copy of the PowerPoint slides here: PA BoS NOFA Webinar FY2019-7-23-19

USICH FY2019 CoC NOFA Webinar

This USICH-led webinar provides a high-level overview of HUD’s FY 2019 CoC Program NOFA, including policy priorities, scoring, and key changes from the FY 2018 NOFA.

You can view the webinar here.