Eastern Committees

Any person may be recruited to serve on any committee by the CoC Board, or by the committee chair or committee members.  Committee membership may be drawn from the community at large, not only from the general membership of the CoC.  Each Committee may create subcommittees or focus groups in order to address specific tasks.

Standing Committees

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will be responsible for identifying key stakeholders to participate as members of the full CoC and the CoC Board.  The Membership Committee will ensure that all required roles are fulfilled on the CoC Governing Board and will present nominations as needed.  In addition, the Membership Committee will ensure that a public invitation is distributed throughout the CoC at least annually.  This invitation will be distributed throughout the CoC by the RHABs, and made available online.

Individuals who are currently and/or formerly homeless and serving on the Governing Board will be paid a stipend of $50/meeting.  This funding will be provided through the CoC’s Planning Grant.  The Membership Committee will work with the Collaborative Applicant ensure that these payments occur.

Governance and Policy Committee

The Policy Committee will be responsible for updates to the Governance Charter.  The charter will be updated as needed, but will be reviewed and updated no less than annually.  Updates will include the CoC policies and procedures, written process selection of the CoC Board, and code of conduct.  In addition, the Policy Committee will develop written policies for providing assistance.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee will develop a Continuum of Care Plan in order to coordinate the implementation of a housing and service system that meets the needs of those experiencing homelessness throughout the CoC’s geographic area.  As possible, this Plan will inform the CoC Application to HUD and includes the recommendation of funding priorities in the geographic area.  The Strategic Planning Committee will oversee the implementation the CoC workplan as described to HUD through the CoC Application and is therefore responsible for monitoring CoC-wide outcomes.  This includes the establishment of performance targets appropriate for population and program type, evaluating CoC program outcomes, and performance monitoring of CoC funded recipient and sub-recipients.  Although the review and ranking process will be facilitated by the Program Evaluation Sub Committee of each RHAB, the Strategic Planning Committee will establish the project ranking and tie-breaking criteria for the CoC.

The Strategic Planning Committee will oversee the Program Evaluation Sub-Committee of each RHAB.  Based on information provided by the Strategic Planning Committee, these Sub-Committees will take action against poor performers and under performing CoC projects.  This action may include the provision of technical assistance, mentoring and/or reallocation, as determined necessary.

Coordinated Entry Committee

The Coordinated Entry Committee, in consultation with the recipients of ESG funds, will research and recommend a coordinated entry system.  Upon approval by the CoC Board and establishment of the system, the Coordinated Entry Committee will oversee the system’s operation and monitor/modify to the process as needed.

Data Management and Outcomes Committee

The HMIS Committee will recommend an eligible applicant to manage the CoC’s HMIS as the HMIS Lead Agency.  In collaboration with the HMIS Lead, the HMIS Committee will recommend a single Homeless Management Information System.  HMIS Committee members, or a specific number of designated members, will serve on the HMIS Governing Board.  In collaboration with the HMIS Lead, the HMIS Committee will develop, review, revise, and approve a privacy plan, security plan, and data quality plan for the HMIS.  In addition, to ensure broad based participation, the HMIS Committee will identify programs not participating in HMIS.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee includes the Co-Chairs of CoC Board and two Secretaries.  This Committee will be charged with calling full CoC and CoC Board meetings, as well as providing the agenda and relevant materials prior to the meeting date.

Ad Hoc Committees

In addition to the above listed Standing Committees, the Board may from time to time appoint and approve the appointment of Ad Hoc Committees as needed.  The Board shall determine the responsibilities, selection and terms of such committees.