PA-509 Data Management Outcomes Committee

Mission Statement: To maximize available data resources in order to reduce, prevent, and end homelessness in the Eastern PA Continuum of Care.

Vision: To establish performance benchmarks in PA HMIS to help the Eastern PA Continuum of Care meet its goals.

Responsibilities: This committee is responsible for conducting and coordinating research into the characteristics and needs of homeless, or at risk of homelessness individuals and families. It will review the availability of housing and services, conduct gaps analyses, provide data to the CoC, and make recommendations to the CoC to encourage potential areas of change/ improvement. In this capacity, it oversees all data collection and use of data within the CoC. This includes, but is not limited to: ensuring compliance with HMIS regulations and compliance with the CoC’s data quality plan, privacy plan, privacy policies, Standard Operating Procedures, and recommending changes to the board as necessary.

Data Management Outcomes Committee Members