Workplace by Facebook

Connecting people who are geographically separated

The Eastern and Western Continuum of Cares utilizes Workplace by Facebook for members to stay connected and be able to work in groups much easier. As members are geographically separated, there is a need to utilize software due to:

  1. The new CoC structure will be tough to administratively manage without clear methods of communication and consolidation of information into one place
  2. Efficiencies can be increased if CoC members are able to be aware of how they fit into the larger picture and aren’t duplicating each others efforts
  3. Subcommittee management is much easier to keep on top of if it’s all in one spot

For more information on how to use Workplace, download the Workplace by Facebook Guide.

If you are a returning member of the CoC who is not yet on Workplace, please complete the survey below. New members can apply to the CoC by completing the Membership Application Form here. Any person who completes this form will automatically be added to CoC membership list and the appropriate RHAB contact list(s) based on their selections. Once approved, the applicant will receive an invitation to join the applicable groups.