Western Coordinated Entry Committee’s Memo to General and DV Assessment Centers

The Western CoC Coordinated Entry Committee has sent a memo to both General and Domestic Violence Assessment Centers addressing assessment procedural issues that have come to their attention. The General Assessment Center Memo clarifies that the assessment centers follow an open door policy indicating that assessments will be conducted at any time during normal business hours. This means that if a client shows up at the center, the assessment is done at that time as opposed to having them make an appointment to come back at a later time. Additionally, assessment centers were requiring that clients provide all documentation at the time of assessment or else they would be be assessed. This does not follow our protocols and procedures as no documentation is necessary at time of assessment.

The memo addressing the Domestic Violence Shelters clarifies confusion that was occurring around the assessment process. Going forward, only the households CURRENTLY fleeing Domestic Violence receive the additional 30 points to their assessment scores. Additionally, assistance should be offered when a client indicates that they remain, after several months to years, hiding from their abuser. Confidentiality would really come to play in this instance and would require the assessment center to keep them off of the HMIS system. Another important point of the memo is that an assessment can be completed over the phone.

To view the full memo, please reference them here: Memo – General Assessment Centers 6-1-18 and Memo- DV Assessment Centers 6-1-18

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