Systems Performance Committee

The System Performance Committee is a data driven work group that focuses on analyzing the outcomes of both system and project level performances. The duties for the committee include:

  • Recommending and ultimately selecting a single CoC-wide Homeless Management Information System (HMIS);
  • Reviewing and monitoring the HMIS Governance Charter every other year;
  • Reviewing, revising, and approving a privacy plan, security plan, and data quality plan for the HMIS;
  • Ensuring Compliance with HMIS regulations;
  • Monitoring HMIS user activity and ensuring consistent participation of recipients and sub-recipients of CoC and ESG funding in HMIS;
  • Developing and implementing data analysis and reporting systems to monitor system performance, track quality indicators, and measure progress toward goal achievement;
  • Review, update, and implement the CoC monitoring plan;
  • Reviewing and revising the CoC monitoring plan on an as needed basis;
  • Making recommendations of action to the board based on the results of the CoC monitoring plan;
  • Monitoring CoC system performance measures and recommending action for improvement when necessary;
  • Providing data to other committees to help them fulfill their identified duties; and
  • Receiving data requests from outside organizations and informing the Board of the requests.


Western PA CoC Systems Performance Committee Documents