Individuals and families experience homelessness for many reasons and the issues associated with homelessness can be complex. Finding solutions to resolve these problems often involves working across multiple systems, such as housing, health care, mental health, employment, education and justice.

The concept of a Continuum of Care seeks to address all aspects of homelessness and incorporates the various needs of those experiencing homelessness, whether they be families or individuals, youth or seniors, those experiencing homelessness for the first-time or those with long histories of homelessness.

Given its large geography, Pennsylvania includes a number of CoCs, with some focused on urban areas, some based in suburban counties and some encompassing the state’s largely rural counties. This website provides information regarding the two PA Balance of State CoCs. These two CoCs bring together many of Pennsylvania’s rural counties to help plan for and implement a systemic response to ending homelessness.


Use a collaborative approach resulting in a set of goals that are shared by a broad range of participants in the community. A fully developed Continuum of Care system includes five fundamental components including: Outreach and Assessment, Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, Permanent Housing, and Supportive Services, including Homeless Prevention Activities. Through these activities, the Balance of State is working to make homelessness rare, brief, and one-time in Pennsylvania.


The resource library is a collection of recorded webinars, reports, publications, and documents for the Eastern and Western Continuums of Care.