About HMIS

Pennsylvania Homeless Management Information System (PA HMIS)

PA HMIS tracks and analyzes the characteristics and service needs of people at-risk or experiencing homelessness. 

The more your community knows about a problem, the better equipped community partners are to maximize resources to prevent and resolve the problems at hand. That’s the idea behind the Pennsylvania Homeless Management Information System (PA HMIS) overseen by the Department of Community and Economic Development. This community-based software is designed to capture client-level information overtime on the characteristics and services needs of women, men, and children at-risk or experiencing homelessness.

The primary goal is to acquire hard data in order to understand the scope and dimensions of homelessness in order to address the problems more effectively. This benefits service providers and clients’ at-risk or experiencing homelessness and enables more efficient use of service through a coordinated entry process.

For Assistance with PA HMIS please send all questions to the PA HMIS Help Desk @ ra-pahmis@pa.gov


HMIS New User Agreements and Training Materials

PA HMIS Collaborative System User Agreement Form

Recording: PA HMIS Training: Logging into HMIS - July 30, 2021

Recording: PA HMIS Training: Privacy and Security - July 20, 2021

Recording: HMIS Overview for New Users - September, 2020

Recording: Client Track 19 HMIS Ticket Training - July, 2020


HMIS Data Collection and Workgroup Training Materials

PA HMIS Training: HMIS Programs Workgroup Class

Reference Guide: HMIS Programs Workgroup Reference

PA HMIS Training: Entry/Exit/Annual Assessment Class

PA HMIS Training: PATH/Street Outreach Workgroup Class

Reference Guide: PATH-Street Outreach Programs Workgroup Reference

Contacts and Case Notes Training for Path Users - 7/28/2020

Commonwealth of PA HMIS Training: General HMIS Overview - 4/25/20

Commonwealth of PA HMIS Training: Emergency Shelter, Transitional Housing, VA GDP, and HOPWA

Commonwealth of PA HMIS Training: PH, RRH, and Prevention Projects (CoC, ESG, SSVF)

Commonwealth of PA HMIS Training: Street Outreach, PATH and Runaway and Homeless Youth Projects

ESG-CV Projects: What to Expect - 9/30/20

PA HMIS Sync Updates - 7/23/2021

Coordinated Entry Training Materials

What is Coordinated Entry? Why is it important? - August 20, 2021

Reference Guide: Connect To Home Coordinated Entry HMIS Guide - October 2019

Reference Guide:One By One Coordinated Entry System Guide - October 2018

One by One Coordinated Entry System Class

Connect to Home - Client Track 19 By-Name-List Training - June 3, 2020

Connect to Home - Client Track 19 Coordinated Entry Intake Training - June 11, 2020

Connect to Home - Client Track 19 Coordinated Entry DV Anonymous Intake Training - June 15, 2020

Connect to Home - Previous and Current Living Situation - August 3, 2020

Connect to Home - New Regional CE Programs - August 5, 2020

Connect to Home - Avoid Duplicate Client Records - August 6, 2020

Connect to Home - How to Update Triage Assessments - August 6, 2020