Western CoC

Western CoC Board

The Western PA Continuum of Care Governing Board  works to fulfill the mission of the CoC and acts as the designated primary decision-making group to meet the duties and responsibilities of the Continuum of Care. The Governing Board also assigns duties to other entities, including through the creation of additional committees and/or workgroups.

Board Composition

The Governing Board is comprised of a minimum of the 21 voting members that represent the following categories: nonprofit homeless provider; victim service provider; faith-based organization; government; business; advocate; public housing agency; school district; social service provider; mental health agency; hospital; university; affordable housing developer; law enforcement; organization that serves homeless/formerly homeless veterans; two individuals currently or formerly experiencing homelessness; ESG recipient; and PA 2-1-1. In addition, the Board includes a representative from each agency fulfilling the roles of Collaborative Applicant and HMIS Lead.

Board Officers

The officers of the Governing Board consist of two (2) Co-Chairs and two Secretaries, including one co-chair seat for the Northwest and one co-chair seat for the Southwest. These Board officers constitute the Executive Committee.

The Immediate Past Member position is filled by the Executive Committee Member whose term has most recently expired. This position can be filled by either past CoChairs or past Co-Secretaries and is held until another Co-Chair/Co-Secretary’s term ends and he/she accepts the position of Immediate Past Member. This position, which carries the same voting rights and privileges as all other Executive Committee Members, adds continuity to the committee and the board operations, and provides guidance and a historical perspective of board of directors’ activities.

You can view the full list of CoC Board members here: Western CoC  Full Board List

Western CoC Membership

The Western PA Continuum of Care is seeking a broad base of members who are interested in housing and services for households who are experiencing homelessness in Western PA Continuum of Care geographical area.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Western Pennsylvania CoC and any of the working sub-committees, please complete and submit the membership survey here.

You can view the current CoC Membership list here.

The Western PA CoC Board Meeting Minutes are available for review upon request. Please submit your request to westerncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org.

  • Co-Chairs: Amy Switalski & Janine Wytovich
    The co-chairs are responsible for scheduling meeting of the Governing Board, ensuring that the Governing Board meets regularly or as needed, and for setting the agenda for the meetings.
  • Co-Secretaries: Amanda Feltenberger
    The co-Secretaries or their designee shall provide a meeting agenda and relevant materials prior to meetings, and keep accurate minutes that record the acts and proceedings of all meetings of the Governing Board, including documenting all actions taken without a meeting.  The Secretaries shall give all notices required by law and by these regulations.  The Secretaries shall have general charge of Governing Board records and shall keep or cause to be kept all such records on the CoC’s web page.  The Secretaries shall sign such instruments as may require a Secretary’s signature, shall perform such other duties as the Governing Board may designate, and shall chair CoC meetings in the case of the absence of both co-chairs.
  • Immediate Past Member: Tammy Knouse