Eastern CoC

Pocono RHAB

The mission of the Pocono RHAB is to reduce and/or end homelessness in the four-county region of Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne Counties. To this end, the Pocono RHAB will join with other organizations, providing a mechanism for planning, coordinating efforts, and advocating for increased opportunities for households experiencing homelessness.

The Pocono RHAB does not stand independently, but is one identified geographic entity among five other geographic area entities, operating directly under the aegis of, and as an arm of, the PA Eastern CoC. The Pocono RHAB co-chairs will serve on the Governing Body of the PA Eastern CoC, and shall support the efforts of the CoC in fulfilling its duties and responsibilities with respect to federal and state mandates and all other requirements. 

Member organizations shall include any service provider or stakeholder with a vested interest in ending homelessness within the following counties: Carbon, Monroe, Pike and Wayne Counties.

RHAB Chairs

Leslie Perryman with RHD Crossroads in Monroe County serves as chair for the RHAB.

SHARE Program

Wayne, Monroe and Pike Counties are collaborating to roll out the SHARE program.  This is a home sharing match-up program where individuals (seekers) will be paired with households (providers).  The seeker would pay up to 30% of their income and potentially offer assistance, companionship, transportation, etc. to the homeowner who is hard pressed to pay the bills or maintain the property.  There can be other variations to this structure, but generally speaking, this is the household composition we are looking at.