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Western PA FY2018 CoC Notice of Funding Availability

Public Posting of FY2018 CoC Application for the Western PA Continuum of Care (PA-601)

In accordance with HUD’s requirement that the FY2018 Continuum of Care Consolidated Application be available for public review and comment 48 hours prior to the submission deadline of September 18, 2018 at 7:59pm EST, please find the below listed documents to be submitted to HUD on behalf of the Western PA Continuum of Care (PA-601).

This posting consists of:

  • CoC Application, including documentation of objective ranking and selection process, final version of the completed CoC Consolidated Application, and attachments to the CoC Consolidated Application.
  • Project Priority Listing, including reallocation forms, all project applications that were accepted and ranked, and rejected projects.

Please send any comments to westerncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org by noon on Tuesday, September 18.

DRAFT Submission Documents, posted 9/16/18:

FY2018 CoC Final Ranking, which includes new & renewal projects

General FY2018 CoC NOFA Competition Information:

FY18 NOFA-Related Webinars:

FY2018 Request for Proposals for NEW Permanent Housing Projects

The Western PA CoC is soliciting Preliminary Applications from agencies interested in applying for new Permanent Supportive Housing Projects serving Chronically Homeless Individuals/Families, Rapid Re-Housing, TH/RRH Joint Component Projects and PSH or RRH Expansion Projects.

The projects selected through this RFP will be submitted to HUD as part of the Western PA CoC’s FY2018 Continuum of Care Application.  Please review the RFP for additional details.

The Preliminary Application is due by Close of Business on August 14, 2018.  The CoC will inform organizations responding to this RFP if their project was selected by August 24.

Documents available:

UPDATE:  As of August 15, 2018, the Western PA CoC is re-issuing an RFP for new projects.  Responses are due by close of business on August 20, 2018.

Documents available:

FY2018 Request for Proposals for DV Bonus Projects

The Western PA CoC announces the availability of up to $912,126 to further the CoC’s ability to serve survivors of domestic violence.  Three projects will be submitted for this funding:

  1. Rapid Re-Housing assistance to DV survivors
  2. Transitional Housing/Rapid Re-Housing Joint Component for DV survivors
  3. Coordinated Entry grant to support DV Assessment Centers

RFP for DV Rapid Re-Housing:  Per HUD’s DV Bonus guidelines, the CoC is only eligible to apply for one DV Rapid Re-Housing (DV RRH) project.  As such, the Western PA CoC has partnered with the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence (PCADV), who will serve as the Project Applicant.  Together, the CoC and PCADV are jointly soliciting applications, evaluating applications and selecting agencies interested in providing DV RRH assistance in their community.

RFP for TH/RRH Joint Component:  Existing Transitional Housing providers with experience serving DV survivors are invited to respond to this RFP.  The TH/RRH Joint Component model is described within the RFP and has proven to be a successful model to assist DV survivors to safely and successfully obtain permanent housing.

CE for DV:  Rather than issuing a third RFP, DV Assessment Centers will be contacted directly to submit a budget to support their work.

DEADLINE EXTENDED:  Responses for either of these RFPs are due by Close of Business on August 20, 2018 August 17, 2018.  The CoC will inform organizations responding to this RFP if their project was selected by August 31.  See RFPs for additional instructions.

Notification of Project Acceptance/Rejection for 2018 CoC Competition

The CoC is required to notify all project applicants and the community at large about the projects being submitted for funding and included in the FY2018 Western PA CoC’s Priority Listing.  This information has been distributed via email, posted on Workplace.  A copy of the email can be accessed using this link – PA-601 Notification of Project Acceptance_Rejection for 2018 CoC Competition, email sent 9-3-18.