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Eastern PA CoC Coordinated Entry Evaluation RFP

The Eastern PA Balance of State (BoS) CoC is seeking proposals from a qualified firm to conduct an evaluation of and make recommendations for improvements to the Connect to Home Coordinated Entry System, which coordinates and manages access, assessment, prioritization, and referral to housing and services for people experiencing or at imminent risk of homelessness in the CoC’s 33-county geographic areaConducting an annual evaluation of the Coordinated Entry process is required by HUD Notice CPD-17-01

The CoC governing board is the body facilitating the Coordinated Entry evaluation, via a third party selected through this RFP process, to identify changes needed to improve the Coordinated Entry process design and related policies and procedures. The evaluation will focus on the quality and effectiveness of the entire coordinated entry experience, including access/intake, assessment, and referral process, for both participating projects/ provider organizations and participants/ people experiencing homelessness who use the system. Applicants are encouraged to use their expertise and experience to develop an appropriate scope of services based on the budget available. Applicants are welcome to propose an alternative timeline to complete the scope in a shorter period of time than what is described in the RFP.

Proposal submissions are due via email to easterncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org no later than 5:00PM Eastern Time on Friday, July 23, 2021.  Questions related to this RFP should be emailed to easterncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org with the subject line Question about Coordinated Entry Evaluation RFP no later than 5:00PM Eastern Time on Friday, July 16, 2021. 

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