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Western PA CoC 2023 CoC NOFO Competition

New Projects:

The Western PA CoC is issuing this Notice of Intent (NOI) to solicit new and expansion projects to be submitted for HUD CoC Program funds. The CoC anticipates that HUD will release the FY2023 CoC Program Competition Notice of Funding Opportunity (CoC NOFO) in the upcoming weeks. Upon release of the FY2023 CoC NOFO, the CoC will release a new project Request For Proposals (RFP) to solicit new project Preliminary Applications from eligible entities operating within the Western PA CoC if funds are available for new projects.
The CoC is releasing this NOI to provide advance notice regarding the anticipated allowed uses of HUD’s FY23 CoC Program funds and the Western PA CoC’s funding priorities. The goal in providing this information is to give organizations time to consider how new CoC funding could support their local needs. The CoC encourages organizations to begin thinking about what types of projects they would like to apply for once the CoC’s new project RFP is released.

You can access the NOI here.


Renewal Scoring:

CoC renewal projects will submit data required for the annual CoC renewal scoring process by Tuesday, May 23rd. Full instructions for renewal projects were sent to CoC grantees via email on 5/2/23. The CoC hosted a webinar for CoC grantees on 5/2/23 to review the renewal scoring criteria and process. Materials linked below: 

FY2023 Western PA CoC Renewal Scoring Webinar - 5/2/23

Western PA CoC FY2023 CoC Funding Process and Policies

Western PA CoC FY2023 Renewal Scoring Criteria