Western CoC

Western PA CoC FY2023 CoC NOFO Competition

Final Western PA CoC Consolidated Application (submitted 9/28/23):


Public Posting of Western PA CoC Consolidated Application (9/26/23):



FY23 Renewal and New Project Selection and Ranking:

On 9/12/23, the CoC has posted notice of renewal and new project selection and ranking for the FY23 CoC NOFO Competition here: https://pennsylvaniacoc.org/news/western-pa-coc-fy23-renewal-and-new-project-selection-and-ranking


New Project RFPsNew Project RFPs for 1) Annual CoC NOFO and 2) DV Bonus were released by the CoC on 7/11/23. The CoC published a revised new project RFP on 7/25/23. A revision was made to the DV Bonus RFP on 7/26/23 to reflect the accurate DV bonus amounts. The most updated New Project RFP Information can be found here: https://mailchi.mp/dd720ba31ec4/2023-coc-new-project-rfps-15862297The New Project RFP application deadline is Wednesday, August 9th at 5pm.

New Project Scoring Tools (for reference): The new project scoring tools that will be used by the CoC Funding Committee to evaluate new project applications can be downloaded here. This includes scoring tools for the Annual CoC NOFO, DV Bonus RRH/TH-RRH, and DV Bonus SSO-CE. 

(Updated 8/1/23) Rural Geocodes for Rural Budget Line Item: For any new project applicant interested in requesting the rural budget line item, the project MUST serve rural geocodes/counties. An updated list from HUD of counties/geocodes in the Eastern and Western PA CoCs that are considered rural can be found here: https://pennsylvaniacoc.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2023-08/East%20West%20Counties%20Considered%20Rural%20Under%202023%20CoC%20NOFO.pdf


CoC NOFO Webinar: A webinar to review the 2023 CoC Competition NOFO for the Eastern and Western PA CoCs was held on 7/26/23. Materials from the webinar are linked below:

This webinar covered: 

  • An overview of the FY2023 CoC NOFO and HUD priorities
  • Available funding, tiering and ranking
  • Timelines for NOFO activities
  • New projects options and process
  • Renewal project application options and process
  • E-snaps tips
  • Appeals process
  • Q&A


Renewal Project Applications in E-Snaps

As of 7/27/23 e-snaps is now open. All renewal project applications (existing CoC grantees) must be submitted to the CoC by August 14, 2023. Full instructions and timelines were sent out via email to all existing CoC grantees on 7/28/23. If you did not receive the instructions or have any questions, please email: westerncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org


2023 CoC Funding Policies:

The 2023 CoC Funding Policies can be found here: https://pennsylvaniacoc.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2023-03/Western%20PA%20CoC%20-%20FY2023%20CoC-funding%20Process%20and%20Policies_Approved%202_15_23_0.pdf


Renewal Scoring:

CoC renewal projects will submit data required for the annual CoC renewal scoring process by Tuesday, May 23rd. Full instructions for renewal projects were sent to CoC grantees via email on 5/2/23. The CoC hosted a webinar for CoC grantees on 5/2/23 to review the renewal scoring criteria and process. Materials linked below: 

FY2023 Western PA CoC Renewal Scoring Webinar - 5/2/23

Western PA CoC FY2023 CoC Funding Process and Policies

Western PA CoC FY2023 Renewal Scoring Criteria