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Western PA CoC: Renewal Project Application - Instructions/Important Info

Sent via email 8/16/22 to all CoC renewal grantees and publicly posted to CoC website:

Dear Western PA CoC-funded Grantees-  

Please read this important message about submission of Renewal Project Applications for the CoC NOFO Competition. 

As part of the Western PA CoC’s Consolidated Application for the 2022 CoC Competition, DMA will undertake a review of all renewal project applications prior to the submission of these applications into the e-snaps system by grantees. E-snaps is now open, so grantees can access their renewal applications. Instructions for submitting this information are provided below.  

  • By August 30th at 5pm:  All agencies with renewal project applications are being asked to provide a PDF of your completed Renewal Project Application(s) exported from e-snaps. 

  • The PDF of your Renewal Project Application should be submitted to Dropbox. Attached to this email you will find a list of Dropbox links; each project will have its own unique link.    
  • Please DO NOT SUBMIT your Renewal Project Application(s) in e-snaps. If you accidentally submit the application, please contact us at westerncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org and we will release the application back to you. 

    • When you set up your FY2022 renewal project in e-snaps, you must insert the "six-digit PIN" from your project's grant number at the beginning of the project name. Your "six-digit PIN" is the first six digits of your grant number.  
    • For example: for grant number PA0123L3T091811:  
      • Applicant Name: DMA Homeless Services  
      • Project Name: PA0123 - Elkins Park Rapid Re-Housing Project 


  • The PDF file name should be: 2022 Renewal App – Agency Name – Project Name 
  • Prior to submitting your application, check the Submission Summary to make sure ALL sections have been completed 
  • By September 12th You will receive a project review form with required corrections. 
  • By September 16th (or within 5 working days of receipt of your review):  You must submit your corrected application on e-snaps.  

DOCUMENTS ATTACHED TO THIS EMAIL - The following documents are attached to this email to assist with completing the above steps:  

  • Dropbox instructions and url links- You will use these links to upload your project application.  
  • CoC Project Applications & e-snaps: 2022 Tips and Troubleshooting Guide - We are releasing this guide because e-snaps is open and we are all short on time. If we notice any changes once HUD's detailed instructions are out, we will send an updated version.


CONSOLIDATION - If you are considering consolidating projects:  

  • Please let us know ASAP.    
  • Please follow the instructions above to submit the individual applications in e-snaps for each renewal project that you would like to consolidate. Be sure to make no substantive changes to the budget or units, beds or households served.  

If you have questions regarding completing your renewal project application(s), please first review the attached document CoC Project Applications & e-snaps: 2022 Tips and Troubleshooting Guide” and the HUD instructions/guides referenced within the document. 

After reviewing these resources, if you are still unable to resolve your issue, send DMA an email at westerncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org. We will work to assist you as quickly as possible.  

Thank you for your continued participation in the CoC application process and the work you and your agencies do to end homelessness every day!  

- DMA Staff  

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