Western CoC

Western PA CoC FY2021 CoC NOFA Competition

Data/HMIS Guides:

·  PA HMIS ClientTrack 19 APR Training Video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_7Mf4nAf8s

·  PA HMIS APR Report Guide Step by Step Instructions: https://pennsylvaniacoc.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2020-10/APR-Report-Guide-Step-by-Step.pdf

·  APR Data Quality Spreadsheets -HMIS Data Review and Clean Up Guide (https://pennsylvaniacoc.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2020-11/APR%20Data%20Quality%20Spreadsheets_Data%20Review%20and%20Clean%20Up%20Guide_August%202020.pdf)

FY2021 Western PA CoC Funding Policies - https://pennsylvaniacoc.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2021-03/Wes…

FY2021 Western PA CoC Renewal Scoring Criteria - https://pennsylvaniacoc.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2021-04/202…

FY2021 Western PA CoC Renewal Scoring Webinar Recording and PowerPoint (5/5/21)

Western PA CoC FY2021 Gaps Analysis: Western PA CoC 2021 Gaps Analysis

Western PA COC FY2021 Notice of Interest (NOI)

The Western PA CoC is soliciting Notice of Interest (NOI) forms from agencies interested in applying for new projects, or applying to expand existing projects, for the upcoming FY2021 Continuum of Care (CoC) Application. The FY2021 CoC Application is anticipated to be released in summer 2021. NOI forms are due by close of business (5PM) on July 6th. You can find more information about the NOI here: Western PA CoC soliciting Notice of Interest (NOI) Forms

Western PA CoC FY2021 Renewal Project Scoring - FINAL Outcomes - https://pennsylvaniacoc.org/sites/default/files/attachments/2021-07/Wes…

Eastern/Western PA CoC FY2021 NOFO Webinar
The slide deck can be accessed here and a recording of the webinar can be accessed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZYXHIFhWms.

Western PA CoC FY2021 New Project RFPs

The Western PA CoC is soliciting Preliminary Applications from agencies interested in applying for new projects as part of the FY21 CoC Competition. 

To learn more about how to apply for these RFP opportunities, please visit: Western PA CoC - FY2021 NOFO New Project RFPs

Western PA CoC FY2021 NOFO New project Scoring Tool

You can find the FY2021 New project scoring tool here: Western PA CoC FY2021 NOFO New project Scoring Tool