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Eastern PA CoC FY2019 Notice of Funding Availability

FY19 CoC Competition Scoring Criteria Debrief Videos

To assist CoC grantees in better understanding the annual renewal scoring process and criteria, Diana T. Myers and Associates have put together 3 videos that provide a debrief of the FY19 Scoring Criteria:

  • Video 1 of 3: Provides an overview of the “Why and How”: 1) Why the CoC scores and ranks projects during the annual renewal process, and 2) How the CoC decides what criteria to use to score projects (7 minutes)
  • Video 2 of 3: Provides an overview of Performance criteria used during the FY19 renewal scoring process (15 minutes)
  • Video 3 of 3: Provides an overview of Monitoring, HUD Priorities, and CoC Participation criteria used during the FY19 renewal scoring process, as well as a summary of the process for grantees to review their scoring data and submit questions and appeals. (17 minutes)

We are also asking grantees to provide feedback on the FY19 Renewal Scoring Criteria, to help inform updates and adjustments to the criteria for FY20. Please complete this survey to provide feedback on the criteria.

FY2019 CoC Application for the Eastern PA CoC, Submitted 9-30-19

Public Posting of FY2019 CoC Application for the Eastern PA Continuum of Care (PA-509)

In accordance with HUD’s requirement that the FY2019 Continuum of Care Consolidated Application be available for public review and comment two days prior to the submission deadline of September 30, 2019 at 7:59pm EST, please find the below listed documents to be submitted to HUD on behalf of the Eastern PA Continuum of Care (PA-509).

This posting on September 26th, 2019 consists of:

Please send any comments to easterncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org by noon on Monday, September 30th.

FY2019 CoC Final Ranking, which includes new & renewal projects

Eastern PA CoC Final Project Ranking for FY19 CoC Competition

Please find the final Eastern PA FY19 CoC Application Priority Listing here. This ranking and tiering was determined and accepted by the CoC Funding Committee on September 18, 2019, according to the FY19 Eastern PA CoC Funding Process and Policies.

Please note that projects placed into Tier 2 are ranked according to the formula detailed on pp.10-11 of the Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Continuum of Care Program Competition.

The Funding Committee reviewed multiple Tier 2 point value scenarios using this formula and approved the ranking and tiering which provided the strongest point value options for the Tier 2 projects and also aligns with the CoC’s strategies and priorities.

In addition, there is one change to the new projects selected for submission, which occurred since the project selection notification was released on 9/11/19. It was previously announced that Victims Intervention Program (VIP) would submit the Project Application for the Domestic Violence Coordinated Entry Specialist, under the DV Bonus funding available. VIP informed the CoC last week that they were unable to implement this project across three RHABs – Pocono, Lehigh Valley and Northern Tier. After discussion with the Funding Committee, Transitions of PA was asked to submit the DV CE project application, as they were successfully awarded funding for the first DV CE position in the 2018 NOFA competition, which will cover the Central Valley and South Central RHABs.

A full listing of all projects accepted and ranked for inclusion on the Eastern PA CoC FY19 Priority Listing, including new and renewal projects, is available below.

Please contact easterncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org with questions.

Notification to the CoC of Renewal and New Project Selection (FY19 CoC NOFA Competition)

Below is a summary of the list of projects that have been accepted by the CoC and will be included in the Eastern PA CoC 2019 Project Priority List for funding. This includes renewal projects and new projects that will be submitted. Also listed are applicants for new projects that were not accepted for inclusion in the CoC Application.


The following renewal projects have been accepted by the CoC and will be included and ranked in the Project Priority Listing submitted to HUD. Each of these projects will be submitted at the full Annual Renewal Amount, as indicated on the CoC’s 2019 Grant Inventory Worksheet. Listed in alphabetical order:

  • Blair County Community Action Program, PA0372 – Blair County Community Action Program- Rapid Re-Housing 174753
  • Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Scranton, Inc., PA0519- PSHP Pike County
  • Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Scranton, Inc., PA0386- Rural Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Catholic Social Services of the Diocese of Scranton, Inc., PA0450- Susquehanna/ Wayne PSHP
  • Center for Community Action- PA0661 Bedford, Fulton, and Huntingdon RRH
  • Center for Community Action- PA0813 South Central PA RRH
  • Centre County Government- PA0814 – Centre County Rapid Re-Housing Program
  • Commonwealth of PA- Commonwealth of PA HMIS (PA-509)FY 2019
  • County of Cambria- PA0578 – Cambria County Comprehensive Housing Program
  • County of Franklin- PA0182 Franklin/Fulton Homeless Assistance Project 2019
  • County of Franklin- PA 0649 Franklin/Fulton Shelter + Care Project 2019
  • County of Lycoming DBA Lycoming-Clinton Joinder Board- PA0445 Lycoming/Clinton Renewal #8
  • Fitzmaurice Community Services, Inc- PA0214- Pathfinders PSH
  • Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania- PA0736 – Connect To Home Coordinated Entry Project FY 2019
  • Housing Authority of Monroe County Shelter Plus Care- PA0219 – Shelter Plus Care MC
  • Housing Authority of the County of Cumberland- PA0553- Carlisle Supportive Housing Program
  • Housing Authority of the County of Cumberland- PA0647 – Shelter + Care Chronic
  • Housing Authority of the County of Cumberland- PA0514- Perry County Rapid ReHousing
  • Housing Authority of the County of Cumberland- PA0177- Perry County Veterans Program
  • Housing Authority of the County of Cumberland- PA0513- Rapid Rehousing II
  • Housing Authority of the County of Cumberland- PA0447- PSH Consolidated
  • Housing Authority of the County of Cumberland- PA0812- Rapid Rehousing Cumberland Lebanon Perry
  • Housing Development Corporation of NEPA- PA0384 HDC SHP 3 2019
  • Housing Development Corporation of NEPA- PA0592 HDC SHP 6 2019
  • Housing Transitions, Inc.- PA0810 – Nittany House Apartments II
  • Housing Transitions, Inc.- PA0176 – Nittany House Apartments
  • Huntingdon House- PA0809 – Huntingdon House Rapid Rehousing Program
  • Lehigh County Conference of Churches- PA0213 – Outreach and Case Management for the Disabled, Chronically Homeless
  • Lehigh County Conference of Churches- PA0658 – Pathways Housing
  • Lehigh County Conference of Churches- PA0669 – Pathways Housing 3
  • Lehigh County Conference of Churches- PA0583 – Pathways TBRA for Families, Youth and Veterans
  • Lehigh County Conference of Churches- PA0222 – Tenant-based Rental Assistance for the Disabled, Chronically Homeless
  • Lehigh County Housing Authority- PA0215 LCHA S+C 2019
  • Northampton County Housing Authority- PA0212 NCHA S+C 2019
  • Northern Cambria Community Development Corporation- PA0360 Independence Gardens Renewal Project Application FY 2019
  • Northern Cambria Community Development Corporation- PA0481 Schoolhouse Gardens Renewal Project Application FY 2019
  • Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence- PA0926 – East CoC DV RRH
  • Resources for Human Development, Inc.- PA0205-Crossroads Family
  • Resources for Human Development, Inc.- PA0449-Crossroads Housing Bonus Expansion
  • Resources for Human Development, Inc.- PA0206-Crossroads Individual
  • Resources for Human Development, Inc.- PA0708-Crossroads Schuylkill Co. Permanent Supportive Housing
  • Resources for Human Development, Inc.- PA0211 LV ACT Housing Supports
  • Tableland Services, Inc.- PA0705 – Consolidated Permanent Supportive Housing with Disabilities
  • Tableland Services, Inc.- PA0366 – SHP Transitional Housing Project
  • The Salvation Army, a New York Corporation- Allentown Hospitality House Permanent Housing Program
  • The Salvation Army, a New York Corporation- Salvation Army Carlisle PH Project
  • Third Street Alliance for Women and Children- PA0811_Third Street Alliance_Lehigh Valley Rapid Re-Housing Program
  • Transitions of PA- PA0927 – Coordinated Entry Specialist for Domestic Violence
  • Transitions of PA- PA0859- SUN Counties Rapid Re-Housing for Domestic Violence Victims
  • Valley Housing Development Corporation- PA0216 VHDC SHP #2/3 2019
  • Valley Youth House Committee, Inc.- PA0808 – Lehigh Valley RRH for families
  • Valley Youth House Committee, Inc.- PA0887 – TH-RRH for Lehigh Valley Youth
  • Wayne County Human Services- PA0883 – Wayne Combined TH/RRH Project
  • Young Women’s Christian Association- PA0886- Liberty Options RRH
  • Young Women’s Christian Association- PA0885- Liberty House PSH

The following Fully Consolidated projects will be submitted:

  • Lehigh Conference of Churches, PA0222_Pathways Permanent Supportive Housing Consolidation, $948,2014, consolidation of PA0658, PA0669, PA0583, PA0222


The CoC had a total of $ 1,202,881 in funding to award.  This amount includes funding from the following sources: the CoC Bonus ($606,070) and the DV Bonus ($810,751).

The following new projects have been accepted for inclusion on the Project Priority List for funding:

  • New Bethany, Inc., Partners in Housing Project (New RRH Project), $202,023
  • Clinton County Housing Coalition, CCHC Regional Rapid Rehousing (New RRH Project), $202,004
  • Third Street Alliance for Women and Children, PA0811_Third Street Alliance_Lehigh Valley  Rapid Re-Housing Program Expansion (Expansion RRH Project), $202,024
    • As this project is an expansion of PA0811 a combined renewal expansion project will also be submitted: PA0811 Lehigh Valley Rapid Re-Housing Program Combined,  Total: $351,988
  • Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Northeast Regional DV RRH (DV Bonus RRH Project), $1,138,492
  • Victims’ Intervention Program, DV CE Program (DV Bonus SSO-Coordinated Entry Project), $57,419

The following organizations submitted preliminary applications to the CoC, but were not selected for funding:

  • CandleHeart, Inc.
  • Catholic Charities, Diocese of Allentown
  • Central Susquehanna Opportunities
  • County of Cambria
  • Fitzmaurice Community Services
  • Transitions of PA
  • Union-Snyder Community Action Agency
  • Valley Youth House
  • Veterans Leadership program of Western Pennsylvania

If you have any questions, please contact easterncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org.

The renewal scoring calculator was released on 9/6/19. The Funding Committee will meet following the renewal scoring question/appeal process and then will release the final ranking.

Eastern PA CoC’s FY2019 Ranking Calculator – September 6, 2019

Below you will find the 2019 Renewal Ranking Calculator.  This document has been created using data submitted through each project’s Renewal Summary Form, eLOCCS documentation, APR documentation, meeting attendance records, and data entered into PA-HMIS or HMIS Comparable database.

Please review the Ranking Calculator for accuracy.  If something does not seem correct, please review the information that you originally submitted to DMA via Survey Gizmo and/or your data in PA-HMIS.  If you identify an error or have a question about the scoring criteria, please contact DMA via the email address below prior to 12pm on Thursday, September 12th.  Errors submitted after 12pm on September 12th will not be addressed.

To assist with your review of your HMIS data, DCED has created the attached “CoC Ranking HMIS Details Guide 2019”, which will walk you through the data pulled from PA-HMIS. Attached you can also find the FY2019 CoC-funding Processes and Policies.

Process for reporting an error or submitting a question: 

  • Send an email to easterncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.com
  • Use the subject line: “East Scoring Error – ORGANIZATION NAME/FIRST 6 DIGITS OF GRANT NUMBER”
  • Within the body of the email please provide a description of the error and reference the relevant ranking criteria number, per the attached “2019 Eastern PA CoC: Renewal Scoring Criteria”.  If appropriate, please provide any relevant supporting documentation.

If your issue cannot be resolved through DMA or PA-HMIS staff, you will have the opportunity to appeal your ranking score to the CoC’s Funding Committee. 

Process for filing an appeal to Funding Committee:

  • By September 12th at 12pm, please submit an Appeal Form survey at http://sgiz.mobi/s3/Eastern-PA-CoC-2019-Scoring-Appeal-Form
  • In the Appeal Form survey you will be asked to identify which criteria you are appealing, provide a written description of your issue, why this issue could not be corrected by DMA and/or PA-HMIS staff, as well as any supporting documentation.  The Funding Committee will evaluate any requests received during their next scheduled meeting, and grantees will be informed by email about the outcome of their appeal.

Attached you will find the following relevant documents: 

New Project Request for Proposals (RFP) for FY2019 CoC Competition:

The Eastern PA CoC is soliciting Preliminary Applications from agencies interested in applying for new projects, including:  1) Permanent Supportive Housing projects serving Chronically Homeless Individuals/ Families, 2) Rapid Re-Housing, 3) Domestic Violence-Dedicated Rapid Re-Housing, and 4) Domestic Violence Coordinated Entry Specialist.  Please click the following links to view the RFPs

The projects selected through these RFP’s will be submitted to HUD as part of the Eastern PA CoC’s FY2019 Continuum of Care Application. Organizations may apply to any of the three RFP’s.

To apply, a Preliminary Application and a Proposed Budget must be submitted via Survey Gizmo by Close of Business on August 30, 2019.  The CoC will inform organizations responding to each RFP if their project was selected by September 13, 2019. Application materials and Survey Gizmo links can be found below:

Renewal Project Application – Instructions and Important Information

As part of the Eastern PA CoC’s Consolidated Application for the 2019 CoC Competition, DMA will undertake a review of all renewal project applications prior to the submission of these applications into the e-snaps system by grantees. Instructions for submitting this information are provided below.

  • By August 6, 2019 at 5pm:  All agencies with renewal project applications are being asked to provide a PDF of your completed Renewal Project Application(s) exported from e-snaps.
  • The PDF of your Renewal Project Application should be submitted to Dropbox.  You can find the Dropbox link here: Dropbox Links for CoC Grantees – East 2019
  • Please DO NOT SUBMIT your Renewal Project Application(s) in e-snaps. If you accidentally submit the application, please contact us at easterncoc@pennsylvaniacoc.org and we will release the application back to you.
    • When you set up your FY2019 renewal project in e-snaps, you must insert the “six digit PIN” from your project’s grant number at the beginning of the project name. Your “six digit PIN” is the first six digits of your grant number.
    • For example for grant number PA0123L3T091811:
      • Applicant Name: DMA Homeless Services
      • Project Name: PA0123 – Elkins Park Rapid Re-Housing Project
  • The PDF file name should be: 2019 Renewal App – Agency Name – Project Name
  • To clarify something that was stated in the webinar, grantees will not be permitted to implement service participation requirements as the current CoC policies will remain in effect for this NOFA round. This may be revisited in future NOFA rounds.
  • Prior to submitting your application, check the Submission Summary to make sure ALL sections have been completed
  • By August 20:  You will receive a project review form with required corrections.
  • By August 26 (or within 5 working days of receipt of your review):  You must submit your corrected application on e-snaps.

Renewal Application Resources

General FY2019 CoC NOFA Competition Information

FY2019 NOFA Related Webinars

Diana T. Myers and Associated presented the first FY2019 NOFA webinar on July 23, 2019 for the Balance of State CoCs. The webinar covered various issues related to this year’s CoC NOFA, including:

  • A general overview of the NOFA and HUD priorities
  • Timelines for NOFA activities
  • Available funding, tiering and ranking
  • New projects options and process
  • Renewal project application options and process
  • E-snaps tips
  • Appeals process
  • Q&A

To watch the recording for this webinar, click here. You can find a copy of the PowerPoint slides here: PA BoS NOFA Webinar FY2019-7-23-19

New Project RFP Webinar

Jessica Sones of Diana T. Myers recorded a webinar on 8/19/2019 that covers the Eastern PA CoC’s three new project RFP for the FY2019 CoC Competition. Additionally, the webinar covered the application process and timeline and a analysis of the CoC’s data to show gaps in our system and what the CoC’s priorities are.

You can review recording of the webinar here and the PowerPoint slides for this session here.

USICH FY2019 CoC NOFA Webinar

This USICH-led webinar provides a high-level overview of HUD’s FY 2019 CoC Program NOFA, including policy priorities, scoring, and key changes from the FY 2018 NOFA.

You can view the webinar here.