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The mission of the Eastern PA Continuum of Care (CoC) is to end homelessness throughout its geographic region, which encompasses 33 counties, primarily rural, in the eastern part of Pennsylvania (see map). Representatives of relevant organizations in these counties have come together to establish the CoC in order to carry out specific responsibilities laid out by the federal government in advancing efforts to end homelessness (as defined in the CoC interim rule).

The CoC works toward ending homelessness by providing a framework for a comprehensive and well-coordinated regional and local planning process. This includes identifying needs, conducting a system-wide evaluation of existing resources and program activities, and building a system of housing and services that addresses those needs. This mission is pursued through the development of long-range plans to prevent and end homelessness in the geographic area, as well as the coordination necessary for successful implementation.

The objectives of the CoC include the following:

  • Promote development of adequate funding for efforts for preventing homelessness, rapidly re-housing homeless persons, and stabilizing their housing;
  • Maximize potential for self-sufficiency among individuals and families experiencing homelessness;
  • Promote full access to, and effective use of, mainstream programs.

The Eastern PA CoC has established a Board and several Committees to aid in the advancement of the CoC-wide efforts to end homelessness. In addition, Regional Homeless Advisory Boards meet monthly to advance local efforts.

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Regional Homeless Advisory Boards

In 2015, the Central-Harrisburg and Northeast CoCs joined to form the Eastern Pennsylvania Continuum of Care. The Northwest and Southwest CoCs joined to form the Western Pennsylvania Continuum of Care.

The Eastern PA CoC is comprised of 33 counties organized by geography into five Regional Homeless Advisory Boards (RHABs):

Each RHAB is responsible for operationalizing the policies adopted by the CoC by working with their community to address and end homelessness locally.